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Immigrants Contribute!

Most immigrants of the United States come for the opportunity to work. They pay rent, purchase fuel, and buy cars. They ADD to the economy! The U.S. government should collect the thousands of dollars immigrants pay to smugglers as a fee to enter the Country after a thorough background check. We should allow them to work legally and charge a small payroll tax for those rights. We should not offer any welfare assistance for them. Immigrants MUST obey the laws, otherwise its "Para Afuera!" for them. Immigrants should be made to speak english within five years of arriving. After fifteen years of payroll taxes and good behavior, we should allow them to become a citizen of these great United States. We need a Congress that has the courage to do what is right. Our Company rents, sells, finances, and unlocks cars when you leave the keys in them. Call us if we can be of service to you or if you need to purchase a car.

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Immigrant Hardships