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Memorial Day 2015

The men and women who serve in the armed services follow the orders issued to them from their superiors, whether they are politically correct or not. Thank You for your service. For those who died in service, we pray for the continued comfort of the loved ones left behind. To you all, we extend our sincerest "Thank You" for your personal sacrifice on behalf of our Country. Our company rents cars and then sells and finances them. If you are looking for a pre-owned vehicle, check out our site and then come over to out lot. Give us the opportunity to serve you.

Prayer For The Fallen
Heavenly Father, receive the souls of all those killed in service. Grant comfort to their friends and family. Make us ever mindful of the sacrifice they, and those who returned, made on behalf of this great Country. Amen.


1701 W. Expressway 83, McAllen, Texas 78503

A tribute to our surviving Veterans